To protect our guests, we’ve done a lot of research to come up with the BEST PRACTICES to completely sanitize our Buisness Retreat center.

After being closed for three months, the owners decided to reopen after installing two Commerical OZONE Machines by SanusAer, one of the top Commerical ozone machines in the USA. SanusAer Ozone machines are made right here in OHIO!

How do we Sanitize the Suites?

Step 1: After check-out, we immediately go into the suite with the Ozone Machine. The machine Sanitizes EVERYTHING. All the Soft furnishings. – Mattresses, Pillows, Carpets, Everything you can possibly touch.

Step 2: Housekeepers attack the suites ~ removes all the dirty sanitized linens, gives them the Laundry Personnel to Wash in Hot Water with CDC approved cleaning agents. Triple Rinse in Hot Water, then dried on high to sanitize one more time.

Step 3: Housekeepers clean extensively with CDC-approved chemicals, all the switches, for light fixtures, lights, wood furniture, entire bathroom, Whirlpool tubs are disinfected inside the pipes and full service of the whirlpool.